visa extension

Next month my visa will be expired.

What I did
1) went to International Student Center (ISC) to get advise.
2) gathered the necessary documents
– Alien Registration Card
– Passport
– Enrollment certificate (在学証明書) – ask the faculty office
– Academic record certificate  (成績証明書)- ask the faculty office
– Student Card
– Financial proof – in my case I have a letter from my scholarship supporter
3) went to Immigration Bureau (Odoori Nishi 11, 7th Floor) and filled the necessary form
– they checked all the supporting documents
– the officer asked me to write my name and address on a postcard.
– the postcard will be mailed to the written address to inform the status of the visa extension.
– I received the postcard after two days and went to the immigration office on the next day.
4) brought the postcard to the immigration office and collect the visa
-with passport
– JPY4,000 for the revenue stamp per application
(buy it from Seicomart at the underground floor.)
-I got two years visa extension starting from the expiration date.
5) went to ward office to update the information on the Alien Registration card.
6) went to faculty academic office to inform them that I have already extended my visa.

Since the process takes time (a week or more), it ‘s advisable to start the paperwork within 2 months before visa expiration date to avoid any “unknown effect from the sky”. Usually, the process cannot be completed in one time visit only depending on specific individual requirement.

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  • Anonymous

    October 3, 2009

    Sapporo… the food sedap!!! Just bumped into your blog. I am in Sapporo at the moment. Selamat Hari Raya. BTW ade raya celebration tak in Sapporo?

  • kadori-san

    October 3, 2009

    Dear Mr/Mrs. Anonymous,
    Sapporo's food sedap?
    Raya celebration 1st day jerk..lain2 hari masing2 buat Hokkaido tour 🙂


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