living cost in Sapporo

Living cost depends on individual preferences of living style.

I estimate the price for a couple like me 🙂 per month
All figures are in Japanese Yen.

Apartment rental 40,000 (One bed room and one dining room attached with toilet and kitchen)
Mobile phone 5,000 per person including rental fee
Internet 4,000
Compulsory Medical Insurance 2,200 for couple and about 1,500 for single
Electricity 4,000
Water 3,000
Gas 2,000 during summer and up to 8,000 in winter for house heating

The lowest fare for subway is 200 yen and the highest (end to end) is 32o yen

Chicken 1 kg 500
Beef 1 kg 800
Rice 5 kg 1,500
Egg 10 180
Taufu 200g 200
wheat flour 1 kg 150
Sunflower oil 1 kg 250

Others fresh seafood and vegetables are highly depending on season. Generally all of them are very cheap in the summer and autumn since these products are harvested during the seasons.
red onion 50 to 200 yen per
Japanese cucumber (kyuuri) 20 to 70 yen per stick
a raw corn 30 to 200 yen

*will be updated time to time

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  • Anonymous

    October 18, 2008

    salams, bagaimana dgn jika ada anak yg bersekolah? daitai tsuki ikura gurai desuka? arubaito ader ker bg pasangan yg ikut husbnd/wife belajar? arigato

  • abah-farah

    December 29, 2008

    Just to add little info regarding calculation of amount contribution to the national insurance schemes, it’s depends on the residents annual income. For non-income residents (even students with scholarship) they are categorized under special group where the contributions are in very minimal amount. The specific calculation and amount of contributions are vary for each municipal.


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