heater pack (カイロ-kairo)

When I was in my first winter in Sapporo, my friend suggested me to have a KAIRO. I tried to find it out at pharmacy shop and I bought some packet of KAIRO. Unfortunately, I didn’t know how to use it at that time. Now, I recommended this handy thing to those who are extreme cold non-resistance people 😀 That was the first time I knew about such product.

KAIRO or in katakana カイロ is a handy heater in packet. There are several type of KAIRO.
All of them are really cheap less than 500 yen in bundle depending on brand and size. During winter, it sold in almost any Convinience Store, Pharmacy and Supermarket.

How does it work. KAIRO is packed inside a secured sealed plastics. Actually, when we tear the plastics, the KAIRO sacket is expose to moisture. This will trigger chemical reaction with the material in the sacket and produce heat. Wait for about 10 minutes to allow the sachet to gradually releasing heat. Generally, the KAIRO is able to continously releasing certain amount heat at about 40 to 50 degrees celcius in about 4 hours and it is one-time use.

1) In mini packet.
I usually bring this type several packets in my bag in case I really need that during my walk or sightseing. When the weather is really cold, I tear the packet and hold the sachet to warm my hand or touch gently on my face to release some heat. We can also find the packet in bigger size with adhesive material in on side of the KAIRO sachet and put inside our winter jacket to give inner warm to our body.

2) Cream type
I don’t like it since I don’t like any cream or lotion to put on my skin. I feel weird.
To use it, just apply small amout of the cream on your skin and you will feel warm.
Do not put it too much, otherwise your skin will burn.

3) For shoe
For comfortable, one can put this type of KAIRO inside the shoe (outside sock). This will give warm to innerside of shoe. My wife usually put this packet of KAIRO inside her shoes when we want to go for a walk.

Winter is coming soon. Samuiiiiii!!
Tips for winter clothing and walking, please click here (English)

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