seijun juuhachi kippu (青春18切符)

I just knew the seasonal cheap train ticket called seijun juuhachi kippu (青春18切符).
Click these links for more information in English


The key points
– cost 11,500 Yen
– a set of 5 tickets
– can be used on unlimited route in 1 days for 1 tickets EXCEPT shinkansen and super express trains
– can be shared with friends/family
– it is sold in seasonal vacations (i.e. summer holiday)
– unreserved seat
– check above links for more

*thanks to Halim-sensei about the info

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  • Anonymous

    September 22, 2008

    need people from Philippines ,singapore,malaysia ,5000yen for you.


    Hokkaido Tourist association would like to talk with people
    from Philippines,Singapore,Malaysia.

    They need about 4-5 person from each country to tell
    them about what are you interesting about Hokkaido in the area of tourist.

    A talk will hold in an informal style talking. a small discussion group.

    The talk will take place at the venue next to Sapporo station.
    Time: about 6.30-8.00
    Date: will tell you later.
    The participants will get 5000 yen .

    If you would like to join this talk please send email to

    Ps. We prefer people who had stayed in Hokkaido over one year.


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