Tips for Hokudai Newcomer

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When I first arrived in Sapporo, I needed to find many things to start up my life. I need cup, spoon and bowl to eat, futon and pillow to sleep etc. I believe this is also true for other newcomer. With limited budget, strange environment, Japanese writing illiterate etc. to find something with cheap price and quick is a priority especially for those who arrive in the scary winter of Hokkaido :P. Here are some shops you should go to start your life.

1) 100yen shop (100円 ショップ)

There are many 100 yen shops around Japan. Its locations is generally near to train station or subway station. Among the popular chain of 100yen shops are Daiso (ダイソ) and FLET’S.
Everything is 100 yen per item (or otherwise stated) including kitchen tools, toiletries, junk food, stationeries, etc.

2) 2nd hand shop (中古店)

If you see this kanji (中古 – chuuko)on any shop, the shop generally sell second hand things including books, clothes, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, tv, computer and even car! (depending on their specialization). I suggest 2nd Street shop to hokudai students, click here* (北10条東5 – Kita 10 jo Higashi 5 – North 10 East 5) to the nearest 2nd Street shop to Hokudai. They also provide delivery service of bulky items to your home.

* there are also 100 yen shops, Homac (Home Improvement store), Sports Items Mall, Supermarket, Media Shop around this area. Perhaps the best area to buy everything you need as a beginner.

3) Hokudai ISC (International Student Center)

Sometimes graduated students want to give away their things and the will advertise what they want to let on the ISC notice board. Just check it out.

4) Flea Market
The flea market is usually held between April and November. Futons, kitchen utilities, etc. are sold at very low price and can be bargain. Locations and dates can be check out in the periocal What’s on Sapporo issued monthly by Sapporo Communication Plaza. For website version of the periodical, click here.

5) Bicycle

The most important thing is bicycle. But to ride a bicycle in the Hokkaido’s magnificient winter is very dangerous even for professional :D. The new bicycle costs around 10,000 yen to 20,000 yen. But the second hand bicycle can be bought at half price or FREE!

1- Go to second hand shop or sometimes Hokudai COOP (Seikyou) will sell it in front of Clark Hall. Generally costs about 5,000 yen.

2- Around March and September every year, Hokudai COOP will distribute / give away free bicycles (which were collected by Sapporo City Hall) to Hokudai students with COOP card (check my post on how to apply COOP card). Just check out the chance on ISC notice board.

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  • perantau.timur.tengah

    August 1, 2008

    ohh kadri.. one fine day i’ll be back there.. rindu giler nak pi sana.. climate dia.. org2 nye.. best2.. nk pi ziarah family angkat aku kat tomakomai lagi.. nantilah aku buat 2-week trip ke japan.. huishh.. cite macam anak billionaire je aku nih.. wakaka.. insya Allah

    err. nak tumpang stay umah ko leh? hehe

  • kadori-san

    August 4, 2008

    ala..keje ko kan dah memang merantau.. apa la sangat jepun ni..byk lagi tempat yg mungkin lg menarik menanti utk ko bertugas

  • シャナ

    August 4, 2008

    Mantap woo blog ni!

    Klu tak pakai basikal, susah sgt ke nk survive kat situ? Nk tny, ada klas bljr naik basikal tak? :p


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