International Food Store – Carot (キャロット)

I found Carot (キャロット) store is pretty amazing. They sell various international food ingredients where it is hardly to find it another stores/malls. Here you can find various Asian ingredients, dried condiments/spices, flour, frozen seafood (from outside Japan) , Western cheese etc. Just stop by and you will surprise with what they have.

Sapporo stores website (Japanese)

Chuo-ku Kita 9 Jou Nishi 21 Choume

Chuo-ku Minami 6 Jou Nishi 11 Choume

Toyohira-ku Nakajima 1 Jou 3 Choume

Higashi-ku Kita 26 Jou Higashi 8 Choume

Atsubetsu-ku Atsubetsu Chuo 3 Jou 4 Choume 6 Ban 2

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