car disposal (haisha – 廃車)

I sent my previous 1991 Mitsubishi Minica for disposal at :

Sapporo Parts Rainbow House
Sapporo-shi Higashi-ku Kita 25 Jou Higashi 21 Choume 1-5
website (Japanese)


The person-in-charge is Sasaki-san. She is very helpful and nice. She was okay with my bad Japanese skill :D. I think as long as we have all the required documents, nothing to worry about.

Since its shaken will due in the next two months, I got the tonnage tax proportion back (about 2,500 Yen.
Due to miscommunication, I thought I have to pay 15,000 Yen for the disposal process.
BUT, actually the company gave me that amount for buying the scrap car and the amount of remaining tax proportion period of the shaken. I was really happy to get some money back. The paying price depends on the condition of the car.

The company will take care of all process, and terminate the tax record from the City Hall. In order to do that, just prepare the following items to be handed over:

1- Car Inspection Certificate (jidoushakensa shou -自動車検査証)- called shaken
2- Compulsory Insurance Receipt (jibaiseki hoken shoumeisho – 自賠責保険証明書)
3- Recycle Ticket (kaitai shoumeitou – 解体証明書等) – this ticket/receipt showed that the recyle fee for the car has been paid.
4- Stamp (inkan – 印鑑)
5- Stamp Registration Certificate (inkan touroku shoumeisho – 印鑑登録証明書)

The car can be brought in ourselves to the company or the company person can take them from our home. In either case, confirm with the company first.

When deregistration is completed, the company will send a notification postcard which shows that everything is settled.


p/s : really happy to get some money back..kaimono shimashou!!

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