feel sick..don”t know which hospital to go?

For Japanese non-speaking foreigners, it would be very difficult to deal with many procedures in Japan. If suddenly you feel sick, it might be difficult for you to explain your simptons and sickness to doctor. Beware that not all medical doctors can speak English. Thus, I recommend you to the Sapporo City General Hospital (Ichi Ritsu Sapporo Byouin – 市立札幌病院->Japanese website). There are volunteers in the hospital who can speak main world languages (English, Korean, French, Russian, Chinese etc). They will help you through the process from registration until you get your medicine prescription. When you enter the main entrance of the hospital, ask the Info counter person about the one who can speak your preferred language. For the female Muslim, you can request for a female doctor to treat you.

Location : Chuo-ku Kita 11 Nishi 13 Sapporo (札幌市中央区北11西13), near to Souen Train Station (桑園駅)and Souen AEON Jusco Mall.

Do not forget to bring you National Health Insurance card!!

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