MADO Japanese Free Lesson

There is a group of Japanese teacher volunteer in Sapporo which named themselves as MADO who provide free Japanese Lesson. Their website is here.

The lesson is held every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, from 1 to 5 pm except on specific National Holiday. The place is in Conference Room, 2nd Floor of Sapporo International House, just behind Gakuen Mae Subway Station (学園前駅)。

Today I joined the event for the first time. They assigned one volunteer to each student. The lesson can be customized according to the Japanese level of the student. It is a one to one lesson. Great! Even if one does not know anything, the teacher will teach patiently and very helpful. I was with Satou-sensei, a housewife. She is very very nice. We are in the same age..she is funny too 🙂

Do come and join the group, I hope I can improve my Japanese conversation skill. Ganbareyou!

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