shaken (車検) renewal

Shaken needs to be renewed every two years. My car which I got yesterday will due its shaken in two days. So I just bring it to Eneos petrol station at Kita 19 Nishi 4. Make sure the following documents are ready:
1- Inspection certificate (shakesho – 車検書)
2- Compulsory Insurance certificate (jibaiseki hoken – 自賠責保険) – get this from the previous owner
3- The latest yearly tax receipt (nouzei shoumeisho – 納税証明書) – get this from the previous owner. If he already paid the tax, and the recipt is lost, you have to pay extra charge about Yen3,000 to request for the new receipt)

The whole shaken price depends on your car engine transmission. For 2.0 cc class, the basic price is about Yen80,000. This does not include some part which might need to be repaired. You just give the car to the shop and they will handle everything. They will call you when the new shaken is ready. It takes about a day if you let the shop to handle it.

You can also renew the shaken by yourself. Since I don’t know Japanese and my knowledge about car is nearly null, I just bring it to the shop.

*If your shaken period is going to finish, I suggest that you make a reservation at least one month earlier at the shaken shop/station. Some shop give a price reduction about Yen5,000 on the prior reservation.

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