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My friend want to give way his Toyota Corona 2.0 to me. So we have to transfer the ownership of the car.

MAKE SURE before you change the ownership,
1- the current owner MUST handover to you the following documents
– recycle fee receipt
– inspection certificate (shaken- 車検)
– compulsory insurance certificate (jibaiseki hoken - 自賠責保険)
2- the current owner give you the latest yearly tax receipt (nouzei shoumeisho – 納税証明書). The tax should be paid before the end of May every year. If he wants to give away the car to you on June, MAKE SURE he already paid the tax otherwise you will face BIG PROBLEM when you want to renew the shaken.)

In case you and the current owner want to do it yourself, make sure the following documents are ready :

From current owner
1- Alien Registeration card (gaikokujin touroku shoumeisho – 外国人登録証明書)
2-Current valid inspection certificate (shaken – 車検)
3- Stamp and Stamp certificate (inkan & inkan touroku shoumeisho – 印鑑 & 印鑑登録証明書)

From owner-to-be
1- Alien Registration card (gaikokujin touroku shoumeisho – 外国人登録証明書)
2- Stamp and Stamp certificate (inkan & inkan touroku shoumeisho – 印鑑 & 印鑑登録証明書)
3- Prepare some cash around Yen3,000
4- In case the car plate is not Sapporo (札幌) number, you need a new plate which cost around Yen2,000.
5- Parking certificate (shako shoumeisho – 車庫証明書)

Bring the documents to Sapporo Transport Office (unyu shikyoku 運輸支局) at Higashi-ku Kita 28 Nishi 1 (東区北28条西1丁目). Please bring some one who can speak Japanese to help you.

It takes only about 15 minutes to finish the process. You will receive shaken with your name on it. That’s all.

*for Kei-car or yellow plate care, the process is quite different and at the different office.

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