Parking Ceritificate (shakosho – 車庫書)

For white plate car, parking certificate is a required document for ownership registration. Here are the procedures which I followed

1) I went to Police Station to get the form for Shakosho for free. It was a set of 6 papers.
2) I searched the parking space. The parking space must be around 2 km from your house.
3) properly filled out the first four papers and stamp clearly on every page with your inkan/hanko.
4) Drew the map of the parking space on the 5th paper. The parking space owner may provide you the map of the space. I just used Japan Google Map and stick it on the paper.
5) Asked the parking space owner to stamp (inkan/hanko) on the last paper.
6) Sent the completed form to the Police station again.
7) Paid 2,200Yen for the processing fee. The counter person gave the date when I can collect the shakosho which was 5 days later.
8) I picked up the shakosho certificate and paid another 550Yen for the certificate.
9) There was a parking sticker which was given together with the certificate to be sticked at the rear glass window.
10) The shakosho is valid for only 30 days. Thus, you have to manage your time to register your car.

when you search for the parking space, make sure the following term
1- charge fee for drawing the map
2- the deposit
3- monthly fee
4- snow clearance fee on winter season
I got to pay 2 and 3 only. Some company charge all 1, 2, 3 and 4.
I also found a company which charge the monthly fee only.

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