coop card (seikyou kaado)

I think all Hokudai students must have this card. The card integrates two functions (as far as I know), as a prepaid card and credit card.

1) Prepaid Card
– There is a machine in Hokudai Cafeteria/Coop branches around Hokudai where we can reload the Hokudai Coop Card with some amount of money for example 1000 yen, 2000 yen..etc
– With the virtual money in the Coop Card, we can use it when we buy anything from Hokudai Coop shops/cafeterias . The money will be deducted automatically from the Card. For me, I can get rid of 1 yen coins from my wallet 😀

2) Credit Card
– The credit limit is 100,000 yen
– Can be used worldwide
– Usually when we use it at any shops, the cashier will ask for how many times we want to pay the price/installment.
– no extra charge/interest for 2 times installment
– but if 3 times installment or more is chosen, be ready for the interest/charge which will be applied

How to apply?
– Go to the main Seikyou building (next to Clark Hall building, they called Kuraku Kaikan) and ask the person in charge for “SEIKYOU KAADO”
– bring together Alien Registeration Card and Student ID card
– fill out the form
– pay 1500 yen (1000 yen for Seikyou membership which will be returned back after graduation and 500 yen for temporary Seikyou card)
– wait for the Seikyou Card delivery to home address (about 2 weeks)
– return the temporary Seikyou card to the counter person and get 500 yen back
– ready to use!

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